About Us

In contemporary times, there’s a pressing need for women to emerge from the shadows and focus their energies on being all they can be. There’s the need for the right kind of direction, through information that is wholesome, inspiring, impacting, and life changing, to help them achieve their dreams. There’s also the need for the ‘real man’ to emerge, men who are dedicated to maximizing potential and fulfilling their God-given purpose. Gem Publications was established to fulfill this need.

Established in 2007, gem Publications has become the leading source of inspiration for men and women in Nigeria. With our highly sought after publications – gemWOMAN and gemMAN magazines, and repertoire of life changing events and initiatives, we are now the go-to source of wholesome information on issues that encompass the lives of men and women, through our highly inspirational and enlightening articles on homemaking, career, relationships, finance, parenting, fashion and style, and a whole lot more.

Over the years, gemWOMAN magazine has become the foremost inspirational lifestyle source for women between the ages of 25-55. gemWOMAN is loaded with content that border on pertinent spheres of women’s interest – homemaking, career, marriage, finance, motherhood, fashion, etc. Every issue of the magazine features interviews with notable personalities who have inspiring experiences and principles to share and encourage other women, all with the aim of inspiring women out there to aspire.

Due to the need to fill the void for a wholesome yet engaging read for men we began publishing gemMAN in 2008. Armed with the vision to inspire men to fulfill purpose, the magazine features practical insights on all spheres of interest to men, offering vital insights and perspectives to help them live purpose driven and fulfilling lives.

gemWOMAN and gemMAN magazines are currently, being published as a 2-in-1 combo. Without any compromise in quality, both magazines still retain their myriads of columns, carving out a niche for us as the No. 1 all round family magazine.

In addition to gemWOMAN and gemMAN, gem Publications launched gemKIDZ magazine in 2013 as an insert in gemWOMAN/gemMAN. Providing the much needed information, entertainment, education, inspiration, and guidance for children between the ages of 7-12 years, with fun but impactful articles, stories, cartoons, and many more, gemKIDS has generated tremendous feedback from parents and educators alike.

OUR VISION: To become the No. 1 sought after publishing company of African origin.

OUR VISION: Inspiring to aspire


With thousands of copies in print for every issue of the magazines, we have widespread reach across the nation. Our continually expanding distribution network effectively covers 20 states – and counting – in Nigeria. Our commitment to growth and expansion ensures that we’re constantly seeking avenues to expand our reach. Our magazines also enjoy international recognition with our strong online presence and growing demands for the magazines in other African countries and overseas.


Body, Soul and Spirit (BSS): an exclusive women’s event attracting over a 1000 women annually, Body Soul and Spirit was envisioned to provide physical, spiritual and emotional reinvigoration for women across all spheres of the society. With 7 editions already held, BSS is now an eagerly anticipated event, presenting an exciting time out for women, as it affords them the opportunity to unwind, get pampered and network.

gemSTONES Club: fun, exciting, enlightening, and empowering, gemSTONES Club provides an exclusive platform for women to network and bond across borders. With it myriad of innovative activities, gemSTONES Club provides an avenue for women to come together in a relaxing and refreshing avenue where they can encourage one another to maximise their potentials.

Two Become One: The task of ensuring that married couples stay married till the end is one to be pursued with vigour. This is the aim of the annual ‘Two Become One’ dinner, a gemMAN initiative aimed at creating an avenue for couples to have some ‘us’ time and spark up their union, thus rekindling and restoring commitment and intimacy in marriages.

Single Ladies’ Conference (SLC): Adequately equipped singles will foster better marriages, thus building the foundation of a solid society. First held on May 29, 2013, the Single Ladies’ Conference was pioneered as a passionate attempt to address the need to equip female youths, empowering them to discover themselves and maximise single living. The conference is also geared towards grooming single ladies to fulfill their roles as wives and mothers-to-be.

gem HIV/AIDS Initiative (gHAI): Our non-profit initiative established for the purpose of improving the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS, and giving educational support to school children, providing them with physical, financial, mental and spiritual succour; gHAI has helped the less privileged gain renewed hope for living – empowering them to be independent, and ultimately, contribute positively to the society.

Gem Publications is an excellence oriented organization, dedicated to utilising and maximizing every resource within our disposal towards the fulfillment of our mission and vision. We’re committed to excellent service delivery and adhering to the highest standards in our dealings with customers, advertisers, partners, and sponsors.