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gemCampus Connect

Gem Campus Connect (GCC) is the #1 wholesome, inspirational lifestyle online magazine for youths and students in tertiary institutions in Nigeria. With the aim of establishing a point of convergence for youths and mentors to connect and benefit from the right kind of influence, shaping their life decisions and making them model citizens for others to emulate. GCC features inspirational, wholesome, up-to-the-minute content to help youths maximize living on campus and live a life of relevance and impact while in school and beyond.

We are committed to constantly providing information on various issues bordering on the lives of youths in higher institutions, with articles on education, campus living, fashion and beauty, health, relationships, love, career, etc, in a manner that’s fresh, relatable and engaging, making you come back for more. With our gifted and dedicated contributors from schools across the nation, there’s always content on this website for you, by people just like you.

What’s more, GCC offers youths a special opportunity to positively impact their peers and attain relevance. We also offer interactive platforms on our social media communities, career opportunities, internship listings and opportunities to meet and interact with mentors and role models through various life impacting programmes. On this site, you’ll get a lot of material, articles, videos and podcasts from mentors from various fields sharing how they attained the heights they’ve reached, to help you make informed life choices on campus and beyond.

In addition, this site helps to showcase your talents and exceptional gifts, giving you an avenue to let your voice be heard and a chance to positively influence those around you. In addition, by writing for the site and representing your school, you get to hone your skills and open yourself to opportunities in the media and other corporate sectors.

A defective youth population leads to a defective nation. GCC aims to stand in the gap and stem the tide of decay that is permeating the lives of youths on campus and the society at large. We are the positive influence the students all over Nigeria have been looking for. GCC is here to transform and shape the lives of youths, making them model citizens to help rebuild our society.

The GCC Difference
Inspiration is the watchword. We are the only youth-centric online magazine dedicated to consistently providing inspirational, positive, and wholesome information for students in Nigerian higher institutions.
We are the only platform dedicated to achieving a convergence of Mentors, Mentees, Motivators and Models – what we call the 4-M Effect.

The 4-M Effect
Mentors: Respected individuals who can inspire the youths (students) with their experiences. People who the youths look up to, and who can offer advice to help shape the lives of youths positively.
Mentees: These are the youths/students in higher intuitions. The emerging generation of leaders in need of direction, inspiration, knowledge, that will equip them for a better future.
Motivators: Parents, teachers, etc, people who are devoted to encouraging their youths to be the best ‘them’ they can be. However, motivators aren’t just people, but anything capable of having a positive impact – inspirational articles on the site, exceptional acts of other youths, amongst others.
Models: This last M is the ultimate goal. The overall effect of the interaction between the first three Ms will help shape the youths into Model Citizens for others to follow – people capable of changing the destiny of this nation for good.


To provide an interactive forum that positively engages youth, educate, influence and empower them to make the right life choices and become role model.


Gem Mentorship Day – This is a unique platform for youths to actively engage and interact with role models and exceptional people in the society, presenting them an opportunity to learn from the best and gain life lessons from the experiences of people they look up to.

Evening of Hidden Gems – We are passionate about unearthing talents and hidden potentials. This is a time for youths to showcase their unique God-given gifts and explore the opportunities that abound unto them.

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