Appreciate! Think about it when last have you deliberately appreciated your partner for being who he is- your husband, a friend, a lover, confidant, provider, father, etc. see, he’s got a lot on his plate. So when last have you appreciated for being all of these things and more? Say thank you. Do something really nice for him in appreciation. Don’t be focused on all the stuffs he’s not done, appreciate the ones he’s done.

Try playing second fiddle. Put your partner’s need above yours in 2017. The relationship is really not just about you! Be conscious of meeting your partner’s needs just as you are conscious of the needs you want him to meet. Put him first most times!

Create a positive image: don’t let life deceive you into believing it’s really all about what you see. Every physical reality is a reflection of the quality of our mind/what is inside, including your love life. Love the unlovable. Don’t create conditions for your love. I will love my husband better, if he stops doing this or that. Love completely now regardless of faults. There would always be areas he needs to work on and areas you need to work on. Don’t deny yourself of the beautiful love-filled relationship God wants you to have  in 2017 simply because of weaknesses you are not void of yourself.

Kill assumptions. Never let assumption thrive in 2017. What you are thinking could be as far from the truth as the east is from the west. Learn to communicate what you’re thinking, seek clarification.

Celebrate strengths. Delight in your partner’s strength. It’s human tendency to focus on faults. What you focus on grows; dwell on and celebrate his strengths; and you will help him thrive.

Acknowledge God’s presence. It’s easy to take for granted that when God said he’ll never leave us nor forsake us, he meant that literally. He is with you right now. Consciously acknowledge His presence every day. As you go through your day or every alternate hour, just say out loud- Lord I’m thankful that you are with me. Thank you for your ever abiding presence. I love your presence Lord. Teach/help me to honour you now and always.

Live exuberantly. Live like your Father owns the world. Don’t go about with a defeatist mentality. Don’t the best thing you can do for God and yourself is to believe. Live like God is for you, and not against you. And if God is for you no one and nothing can be against you. God wants us to embrace who he is and what he’s done and provided for us and m

Be intentional. Don’t live like life happens to you. You are not at the mercy of life. You are not a victim. You were created to have dominion, so live like you’ve got dominion/so dominate. Be deliberate about living, leave nothing to chance. Trust God’s spirit and forge ahead as he leads you.

Don’t drift through life. Discover your passion and go after it. Desire is needed to attain success; and you’ve got to be tenacious about it/pursuing your desire.

Love what you do.

Don’t run the race of another person. Run your race. Why am I doing what I’m doing?

Believe in yourself.

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