There comes a time in every shopper’s life when the idea of splurging on a designer piece arises. With so many gorgeous bags, shoes, and clothes out there, how could it not? But, in order to ensure you’re shelling out your hard-earned cash for the right reasons, there are a few things you should take into consideration, especially with the economic situation in the country.

Question 1: Do I already own something like this?

First things first: Take a cold, hard look at your closet and see if you already own something that resembles your potential pricey purchase. If the answer’s no, move along to question two.

Question 2: Will this item cause problems for me down the line?

Another thing to figure out: Will this expensive purchase cause real problems for you down the line? Meaning, will that pair of Isabel Marant boots set you back far enough that your bills or loan payments won’t be met this month? If so, it’s a good idea to let them be for now, and start saving a little every month so you can eventually buy them guilt-free (the best way!)

Question 3: If the label was cut out, would it still be my taste?

As fashion lovers, it’s a given that our inner Sybarite will occasionally emerge. Nothing shameful about that—most designer things are beautiful—but if you’re buying simply for a label and the item isn’t really your taste, well, isn’t that silly?

Question 4: Will I realistically use it often?

There’s nothing wrong with treating ourselves to special-occasion pieces now and again, but with truly expensive buys it’s worth calculating the cost per wear—especially if the item might not fit into your lifestyle.

Are you a school teacher who would never wear heels to work? You might not want to shell out N20,000 for those Manolos right now. Are you an accountant at a conservative firm? You probably won’t get much wear out of that bold printed Kenzo suit. Why spend your hard-earned money on something that will just sit in your closet?

Question 5: Is this item a one-season wonder? 

Let’s be clear: We certainly don’t think every spurge needs to be something “classic” that’ll last forever and ever (where’s the fun in that?) but we do think dropping a ton on something that’s so obviously the “it” item from one collection is silly.

Why? Because there’s an excellent chance that, after the season is up and the luster starts to fade, you might start to feel that your splurge was partially due to the immediacy of having something covetable, rather than having something you absolutely adore.




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