be bold for change

By Bolanle Olawale

This year, the theme for the International Women’s Day is: Be Bold for Change. It couldn’t be more apt as this is exactly what women need to do.

When searching for that one sentence that would best describe the vision of gemWOMAN ten years ago, the statement that would best relate what the desired change from our organization would be; “INSPIRE TO ASPIRE” was what I settled for because I felt it best encapsulated the result I hoped we would achieve through the magazine.

Inspiration is vital in ensuring that as women, we know that our goals are attainable and achievable. Women have been told for too long that our dreams are not valid, or that they are too big or too risky or just downright impossible? And many at times we have believed the lies that state “you can’t have it all”.

You would need to make a choice: either have a successful career or a happy home. They say it’s just not possible to have both and because of that wrong mindset, we have decided to settle for less rather than reaching out to achieve the dreams that God has deposited inside of us. It’s time to stir the boldness within you.

Throughout history, women have made awesome contributions that have impacted mankind in great ways against all odds. Many of these contributions were never celebrated or acknowledged. The movie, Hidden Figures, brings to life such heroines who were NASA scientists and yet were unknown for their great and invaluable contributions to man’s landing on the moon.

We must ensure that these stories are told and most importantly as women, we must celebrate each other’s success. When one woman succeeds in a field, it opens up the door a little bit wider for other women. Don’t shut the door once you enter.

Gender issues have been the bane of many discussions over the course of half a century and I feel the best way for us to change the narrative that is being told about our gender is to decide to boldly step out and be that agent of change.

Bold people stand out from the group. They are confident, courageous, and focused. People who choose to be bold are inspiring not just because they get big things accomplished, but because they also instigate growth, progress, and movement for themselves and others around them.

Sadly, in our society today, bold women are sometimes frowned upon as trying to be masculine or being too aggressive. So rather than being talked about, we decide to remain in the shadows with our dreams, scared to unleash the greatness inside of us. The time for you to arise and be bold is now. There will never be a best time or the perfect circumstance. You need to make the decision to stop wishing and start doing.

There are some characteristics that I have learnt over the years that help to ensure that you step out and take charge of your destiny. Hopefully, these will inspire you to not just settle, but to start being the YOU that the world needs to see and experience. You will be amazed how much faster you can attain your goals by just being BOLD.

  1. They admit that they are not perfect.

Rather than trying to appear to know it all, they surround themselves with people who can compensate for their flaws and weaknesses. They identify when action is to be taken and when it shouldn’t. They are bold not stupid.

  1. They prioritize.

A very true adage is that a goal without a plan will remain mere words. They recognize opportunities and seize and plan conscientiously.

  1. Bold people refuse to give up

The accomplishments of various women in the bible serve as forms of encouragement to us as “Modern Day” women to boldly go wherever we feel led to. Moses’ mother against all odds hid her child even in the face of imminent death. She knew he was special and refused to go the way of others. Refuse to give up on your dream, cling to it like your life depends on it (which it just might) and bring it to life.

  1. They speak wisely.

They are very tactful and understand the power of words so they use them wisely. They are not afraid to speak up and speak out but are not rude or loud. Just because you are bold doesn’t mean you should be annoying. .

  1. They guard relationships and try to maintain good relations with people regardless of how big they get.
  1. Bold people are passionate.

Many people sit and wait around for the “right opportunity” before they are willing to step up and take action. Sadly, sometimes that right opportunity never comes. Bold people understand that rarely is any situation perfect from the beginning. They look to make the most of any given set of circumstances that can lead to victory, even a small one. They are not afraid to venture into new areas

  1. Are ready to start small and build up. 

Bold people recognize that a single victory is not enough to make you a success or a giant in any field and so are ready to take several little steps towards attaining that goal rather than looking for that one giant step. Consistency is key.

  1. They don’t dwell on their failures

For me as a Christian, I believe that true boldness in the face of strong adversity can only be received from God

So girl what are you waiting for BE BOLD FOR CHANGE!

Bola Olawale is the CEO of gemPUBLICATIONS, publishers of gemWOMAN Magazine

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