Mini-Skirts: Should Christians Wear Them in Public?


Mini-skirts can be said to be one of the most controversial fashion items in history. It’s either people are saying they’re too short or just long enough. And that’s the general society. In church, the conversation is even more intense, considering the moral and spiritual instructions that govern our lives. In the end, people will do what they want but to this end, we have a question: should Christians wear mini-skirts in public?

Dressing is a main aspect of our daily life which is the reason why there has been various controversial debates about how Christians should dress. What is the ideal length of a gown or skirt a Christian should wear in public? Our appearance should be that which brings glory unto God, trendy but  not revealing. Mini clothes seem to be the new trend. Mini gowns and skirts, bum-shorts and the likes are commonly acceptable nowadays.

Mini in this context varies: what constitutes indecency for one person may just be the ideal for another. A person’s mini could be mid-thigh length while another’s could be knee-length. Mini could also be the extremely short skirts or gowns which are generally perceived to be indecent. Now, the question is what is decent for a Christian? How should we, as Christians, dress when we are going out in public? Can Christians join in the trend of wearing mini gowns in public?

Can a Christian wear mini-skirts or gowns?


Is this kind of dressing acceptable as a Christian?


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