Designer Trends: Are They Over The Top For Christians?

Everyone wants to own and wear the latest designer labels and  follow trends but is it a “Christian thing” to do. Should  Christians own and wear designer clothings  like Gucci, Chanel, Hermes, Ferragamo, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Fendi, Marc Jacobs, and Dior? Some say it is unchristian-like, another school of thought is that it is extravagant to spend so much on such vanity…

Yet, others are content as far as you slay modestly and you present it in a prudent way.

Here are some reasons why people wear and own designer labels: social status, quality, uniqueness and exquisite designs, self-identity and due to the fact that celebrities wear them. For others, they just love the luxurious kind of life, its either the high end or no end at all.

Social status: they wear labels to show social rank, financial stability and to portray elegance and class.

Quality: Top quality is key with designer labels, they source for high end materials and fabrics to ensure that their labels stand out.

Uniqueness and exquisite crafting:  Designers add a bit more twist and expensive elements to their brands given it an exclusive look.

Self-identity: Brands and labels are a form of individuality. Some people believe wearing a particular brand differentiates them from others; the brand to them is an identity.

Celebrities wear brands: celebrities have made it a habit to wear brands due to the fact  it makes them highly fashionable and acceptable.

For us, we believe in always keeping the God-factor in all our spending.

Please drop your comments. We would like to hear your thoughts.

designer labels

Gucci bag which is estimated to cost a couple thousand pounds 


Louis Vuitton bags have been known to cost a fortune.


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