Feeling unpretty, unloved and unaccepted is driving me to commit suicide

My name is Esther. I am twenty years old, and awaiting admission into the university. My cousin is sixteen and just gained admission to study law. I have written entrance exams to universities three times, and I haven’t really made any headway.  My parents are tired of my failure, and are beginning to put pressure on me to do something with my life, even though I have been running errands and helping out in the home all these years of my waiting. It is like they have grown tired of me.

In matters of relationship, I have never been asked out by any man. I see young people like myself  in apparently blossoming relationships, but it seems like good things always elude me. Perhaps, my unusual height has something to do with it, because I am 6”1. Or maybe it’s because I have stubborn acne on my face that has refused to leave, leaving mounds and dark spots all over my face. I have come to terms with the fact that I am not beautiful, and honestly, this weighs me down all the time.

I believe in Jesus Christ and how He can help take away every of our burdens, but I look at myself and I cannot recognize the confidence everyone who believes in God should possess. As much as I want to be spiritually minded, I am not comfortable in my skin or with my life. They say inner beauty is good; but I want outer beauty too.

What can I do?


Esther needs your advice and comments. Kindly share them in the comments box.

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