Kehinde Adollo
Extraordinary is possible! It is meant for you; don’t get deceived into living in mediocrity. Don’t get stuck in a rut! If you’ve got God’s life in you, there’s absolutely nothing you can’t do or be. So, rise up! Dust off fear, pain, anger, depression, worry, anxiety, and everything that has made you less than who you are. Believe you’ve got what it takes to be extraordinary and begin to take necessary steps to being the best you. I have decided to share some of my X FACTOR tips that would ensure we stay and live extraordinarily no matter how challenging life issues may seem.
1. Discover what you were called to do- find out who you really are. Sometimes we lose sight of our identity and allow others to identify who we really are.
2. Don’t be a carbon copy. Don’t try to keep up with the Joneses – simply be you and only you, because there is no one like you.
3. Never accept ‘No’ as the end of the road. It is not over until God says so.
4. Share, read, exchange ideas and welcome inputs from insightful and positive people.
5. Expand your horizon. Never put yourself in box- think out of the box always.
6. Stay focused on your goals.
7. Follow Christ and learn his footsteps – he was and will ever be the greatest achiever of all time.
8. Smile! Be gracious! Be courteous! Be content and thankful always!
9. Worship and believe God- He is the only living and true God.
10. Believe in yourself; believe you are worth the best. Recognise that something unusual has been deposited on the inside of you.
11. Study the lives of people who have made a positive mark in one field or the other that may inspire you positively.
12. Show and give Extraordinary people. Extraordinary people are lovers of humanity.
Being extraordinary or having the X FACTOR doesn’t mean you should colour your hair green or orange or wear garishly coloured outfits to be noticed— No, No, No!
Having the X FACTOR means knowing who you are, excelling in the things you love and ensuring you strive to be the very best.

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