We all get reminders now and then to take care of ourselves, brush, exfoliate, sleep, avoid certain products based on our reactions to them, etc. But there is one part we largely forget to take care of – our hands. What else do we really do besides washing them? So all we’re on about now is how to have them looking younger and fresher all the time!

Wondering what steps to take? Find out here:

EXFOLIATE: Exfoliate with any scrub that contains alpha-hydroxyl acids which boost cell turnover and brighten the skin.

MOISTURISE: Moisturise hands morning and night with a good hand and nail cream.

SEAL IN MOISTURE: Use oils such as argan, coconut, olive, etc., after washing hands to seal in moisture throughout the day.

PROFESSIONAL MANICURE: Get a manicure. My advice; slow down on nail extensions as these may cause nails to become brittle and tired if done too frequently.

LOVE NEUTRALS: Embrace neutrals, nudes and lighter colours when it comes to nail polish.

HEALTHY MEALS: Eat healthy meals. Diet should include fruits and veggies as well as biotin rich foods such as oats, walnuts, green peas, soya beans etc.

PROTECT NAILS: Do not use your nails as tools for picking food out of your teeth, or cleaning your ears.

DOMINICAN NAIL CARE SECRET: Embrace the Dominican secret to healthier nails by rubbing garlic on nails twice daily. Not too thrilled about this? Dice up a clove of garlic and add to your favourite nail hardener. You will experience amazing results in a matter of days.

WATER: Drink at least 8 glasses of water to prevent hands from getting dehydrated.

DRY HANDS: For extremely dry hands, apply a very good moisturizing lotion to palms then wear gloves (to trap in the moisture as you sleep) before bed. You’ll wake up with softer, smoother, more moisturized hands.

Written by Olubunmi Ajayi, a graduate of Igbinedion University who loves to write and owns a start up business – Zaza Jeter Enterprise

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