Looking Good Without ‘Je-ing Gbese’

‘I am upset!’

My best friend was vexing again. I asked her what was going on, she said she couldn’t even make her hair again because all the hair extensions she needed to use have become way too expensive.

I laughed, ‘Biko, cut your hair now.’

She gave me a stern look, so I turned off my mischief mode and tried to calm her down.

‘Tolu my love, you don’t have to break the bank nowadays to make your hair and look good. From how I see it, we all just have to be smart’.

‘How?’, she still wasn’t smiling.

‘Well, there are hair extensions of 1,700 naira that I know of; at least I know this Afro twist braid that goes for that price. So, baby girl don’t lose your mind, it’s not by force to carry Mongolian hair on your head. Cut your coat according to your cloth’.

The next day, Tolu was slaying up and down with her new hair style and her pride intact. No need to be je-ing gbese all over Nigeria just to look good.

My darlings, you can get natural-looking weaves and even crotchet braids for less than 2000 naira. They might not be as long as some of our sisters want them to be, but trust me they are an okay length. If you would prefer a fuller look, you can opt for two packs of the same weave. Some crotchet braids are even reusable. There are also so many salons that would make your hair for 1,500 naira, so please you don’t have to go to an over-the-top salon if you cannot afford it and go and spend all your life’s savings; I mean we are trying to be economical here.

In fact, you would get the best of both worlds because you would end up with a beautiful hairstyle while spending below 5,000 naira (which is less than 20 dollars). A good majority of these hairs can be cared for just like natural hair, but don’t retain moisture. They also might tangle a bit here and there, but nothing a bit of trimming wouldn’t fix.

And guess what? You would look stunning without an iota of gbese.





‘gbese’is a Yoruba word for running into debt.

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