Meet Glowreeyah Braimah- Singer, Song-Writer, Minister and gemWOMAN

Glowreeyah Braimah has been on another level in the Nigerian gospel scene in the last two years. Her single, Miracle Worker’ touched countless people in various ways as she reminded people not just of God’s love, but of his steadfastness and ever-abiding presence as well. From her wealth of life experiences, she shares freely through her music and other projects to bless lives.


gw:  Whew, you have had quite a busy year, haven’t you? Kindly bring us up to speed on what you’ve been up to in the past year.

GB: To the ultimate glory of God, I gratefully and humbly admit that grace has enabled it all in the past year. My album, ‘The Expression’ featuring ‘Miracle-Worker’ has been greatly received by people across the world.

My team and I have been privileged to serve in various capacities, even beyond music. It has given me immense joy to stand on revered platforms and to lead great and small gatherings of God’s people in worship.

Beyond established church platforms, ministering in unconventional settings in villages, prison facilities, rehabilitation homes and schools has been such a delight.

I had a very interesting and intensive 3-month tour in the summer across The United Kingdom trailing through Scotland, Wales and England. There have also been music ministrations and creative consultations across Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South-Africa and The United States.

I also embarked on a few social responsibility and community projects through my NGO –The Starbeam Foundation, released a single titled Jehovah’’ and featured in duets with two other musicians.

gw: You seem to have been in the industry for over five years now. Can you tell us about your victories, struggles, etc.?

GB: I like to coin it as the ‘Mindustry’ (Ministry-Industry).Taking the leap of faith from a regular schedule as a Legal/Regulatory Corporate Executive to being a creative entrepreneur has been quite an experience. No one hands you a guide stating what to expect. One is bound to make a few mistakes on the journey to the place called ‘forward’. Have there been moments when I’ve been stressed out, disillusioned, frustrated, or felt taken for granted by people? Oh yes, indeed! Yet again, nothing compares to hearing testimonies and knowing that through what we do, someone out there decided not to commit suicide; that a life has been influenced for eternal good; that hope is ignited in homes and communities.

Overall and because of divine purpose, it has proven to be one of the best decisions that I have made, so far.

gw: Miracle-Worker is such a powerful song and we know it was inspired by a personal experience. Care to share?

GB: My 2-year old niece had a routine surgery in 2014 in The United State and it was successful. However, while she was recuperating, complications arose. It was at that time that her mother (my younger Sister) called to brief me. All I heard on the line in the flurry of words was her anguished cry, “Glow, please pray, pray, pray!’’ Then she hung up…


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