A moment of pleasure is wrecking my home.

Romoke has been married to her husband for seven years without a child. Her husband, Tunde, is a top managing executive in a multinational. He loves his wife and serves as a deacon in their local church. Their marriage is a happy one.

They have a maid, Jumoke, a distant relation of his wife who has lived with them for a period of three years, and has become a part of the family.

Two weeks ago, Romoke found out that Jumoke was pregnant. On further enquiries, she discovered Tunde was responsible. It was hard to believe, so she confronted him about it, and he broke down and confessed that it was just a moment of faulty judgement on one evening she had traveled to visit her mom in their hometown.

Romoke was devastated. Her first instinct was to order her maid to get an abortion, but Romoke believes abortion is a sin against God. She also considers that they have been trying to conceive for a while, and the child could be an answer to their prayers.

She contemplates keeping it a secret and adopting the child after delivery, but what if the maid refuses? Would she send her away? What if Jumoke begins to blackmail her husband for money? What if a scandal breaks out? What would he say at work? What would the church say? Should she tell her family? Would they ask her to leave her marriage, to leave a man she has loved for years and a family she has built from scratch? If she leaves, who loses? Her husband would have a child, her maid would have a child, and maybe a husband too, but she? What would she be left with?

Romoke is confused. She has prayed and cried and cannot tell anyone for fear of putting her husband to shame. Her husband has promised to make this right, but how?

What should she do?

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