No limits

As I sat surrounded by the crowd that turned out for BSS 2013, I had to hold back the tears that threatened to come flowing down my beautifully made up face. “God, this can only be you,” were the words that kept on resonating in my mind. This was the seventh edition of BSS and the attendees kept trooping in until there was no space to place the chairs that had to be added in the hall. I asked the head of registration to stop allowing people in but was told the women refused to go back, they insisted they had to enter the hall even if they cannot be comfortably seated. The testimonies shared in the course of the programme and the candid ministration of the speakers was humbling to say the least. This was simply God in action. The hitches with the sound system could not stop what God had purposed to do. Indeed He showed there was no way he would be limited at BSS 2013, that was aptly themed- No Limits. Reminiscing about the previous BSS, and our humble beginnings, I can only say that indeed God is no respecter of persons. He is only looking for vessels who will allow their passion to produce faith and therefore power.

The woman with the issue of blood (Mark 5:25-29) was limited in every way possible, she had haemorrhage (non-stop bleeding) for twelve years. This must have left her drained physically, emotionally and spiritually. She was regarded unclean because of her condition and so she couldn’t be intimate with anyone. And I believe she must have wondered what she had done to God to deserve the pain and trauma.

However, there came a day that she overcame her past failures and feelings of defeat and shame and decided to touch the helm of Jesus’ garment to receive her healing. She did this though there had never been a record of anyone being healed by touching Jesus’ garment; her passion drove her and her faith produced power. She was not thinking about whether it had been done before or what people will say. She was focused on what Jesus was able to do– everything.

I heard on a show that the Japanese do not have a word for crisis rather they call it opportunity. They see no limits whatsoever. I have been told a lot of times by more people than I care to remember how some things I venture into will never work and God has proven time and time again that He is the God of no limits. Have you ever dreamed of doing something and hesitated because you were told or you felt it would never work and just the very next month you hear about someone doing the exact thing you had dreamed about?

Today, we find people simply doing what everybody else is doing in the body of Christ, thereby limiting God to what He has done in the past. There are new dimensions of power and grace that we are yet to access but God is looking for people who will be driven with passion to make this happen. How then can you fulfill your dreams? It’s by truly believing that the God you serve has no limits.

Refuse to despise small things; big doors swing on little hinges. Big moments are products of faithfulness, so be faithful in the assignment you have now, rather than looking down on it. I’m reminded of a lady who said she could not do menial jobs because she knew she was meant for greater things and would not do anything as she waited for her big break that never came.

Also, guard relationships jealously. You need people to help you fulfill your dreams. More so, do your best and pray ferociously. Success doesn’t just happen; it takes hard work and diligence. When the doors open, run in and don’t wait.

Later on in scriptures, we hear of people touching Jesus’ garments to be healed. One woman had dared to believe and had opened other people’s eyes to the possibilities in Christ.  God qualifies the called. If an opportunity comes your way and God opens a door, don’t stand thinking someone else will do a better job, rather walk through it, His anointing will make up for the abilities you don’t have. I can say this, because I have seen it operate in my life.

God indeed can do anything, anytime, and anywhere, if only we believe. I appreciate all our wonderful BSS 2013 sponsors- NBC, MTN, Maggi, Lily Water, Reverb, Fountain Springs, Cloud 9, SmoothFM, and COOL FM.

My heartfelt gratitude also goes to my wonderful columnists, subscribers, Nkiru Olumide Ojo, Ini Onuk, who shared from her heart, volunteers, my fantastic gem team, Rev. Funke Felix- Adejumo, who was as dynamic as ever, and my wonderful children and ever supportive husband. I pray that God will indeed thrust you all by his divine power into a season of limitless possibilities and supernatural open doors.

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