These are the top kitchen tools you might not think you need but you’ll be using on a regular basis.

  1. Clock

We all know that timing is a very important aspect of cooking. Some people even have a programmable timer so they can get the cooking times perfectly right.

It is a good habit to time each stage of your cooking and subsequently the total time it takes to cook a particular recipe. And there is no better tool with which to do that than a simple kitchen clock.

  1. Scissors

If you do not have a scissors in your kitchen, please buy one today. No other tool beats the scissors in such tasks as cutting spice packets, cutting tiny leafy vegetables (e.g. curry leaf), cutting open small packets of rice, spaghetti and noodle packs, sachet tomato puree etc.

  1. Can Openers

What could we have done without these simple tools? Keep opening cans with knives? Oh no! These days there are many models of can openers and the best are the ones that open the can from the side rather than from the top.

  1. Hand Towel

This covers all types of towels in the kitchen; paper towels, sink towels, cloth hand towels. The kitchen is one place where you wash your hands so often and after doing this, you must have the need to reach for a hand towel. If not, water will drip all over your kitchen, making a mess.

It is also good practice to clean as you cook and this is where the sink towel comes in handy.

  1. Set of Bowls

Assorted bowls keep you more organised in the kitchen especially when you are preparing a recipe with lots of chopped vegetables. These include: Nigerian SaladVegetable Sauce or the Nigerian Fried Rice. You can easily place the vegetables in separate bowls right after cutting them.

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