Single Ladies Conference

Single Ladies Conference

The Single Ladies’ Conference was pioneered in a passionate attempt to address the pressing need to equip our youths. The Single Ladies’ Conference is a summit for young women, between the ages of 18 – 35, established with the purpose of achieving the following aims:

• Engendering purposeful self-discovery for single ladies;
• Empowering spinsters to maximise their singleness;
• Equipping young women to fulfill purpose;
• And providing the needed enlightenment required for building strong homes.

We are confident that adequately equipped singles will foster better marriages, thus building the foundation of a solid society. The conference also seeks to expose the ills of several societal menaces such as rape, abuse, prostitution, etc., while proffering healing and counsel for victims.

The premier edition of the conference was held on the 29th of May, 2013. The theme for the event- Fear Not the Future, was carefully chosen to allay the diverse fears youths, especially single ladies, abhor about the future. Main speakers at the conference were- Pastor Ituah Ighodalo (Trinity House) and Pastor Funke Adetuberu, who passionately shared insights and ministered to attendees’ diverse needs. There was also three sub-group workshop sessions on career, etiquette and for matured singles. We had in attendance over 400 young ladies, a considerable turnout for a premier edition. It was indeed an awesome experience for attendees, as there was an influx of positive feedback and commendations.

This year’s edition will also be holding on the 29th of May, with the theme- Greater Than. We have got seasoned speakers and myriads of activities lined up that would ensure attendees have a truly fun and empowering time.

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